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Legacy Videography

Time is finite.
A legacy is forever.
Ensure your family
history lives on.

We live in a fast-changing world. As days quickly turn into months and years, it’s too easy to lose your family’s story. What do you hope you never forget about those who came before you? What do you want to tell future generations about your family’s journey?

Honor those who have invested so much in you by preserving their story – as only they can tell it. Capture the essence of your loved ones with a Legacy Video. Future generations will forever enjoy a carefully crafted, first-hand documentation of your family member’s life.

A legacy is more than DNA and a family tree. It’s your journey, experiences, and values in how you got here. That’s your family story. Let our expertise help preserve it.

A Legacy Video makes a wonderfully unique gift for any member of the family. Let us treat your family like our own. Big or small, we would love to make sure your legacy is captured, honored and remembered for generations to come.


How it works

We’ll work with you from start to finish to provide you with a video you can be proud of.

  1. It all begins with you contacting us and booking your date. Once your date is scheduled, you can start preparing questions that you will be asking your family member.

  2. On your scheduled date, we’ll arrive about 30 minutes before the interview to set up cameras, lights, and audio equipment, as well as answer any questions you or your family member may have.

  3. You conduct the interview while we capture the magic, ensuring all video and audio are recording at the highest quality.

  4. You receive a video that meets the specifications you selected 2-4 weeks after filming.


Package Options

Our three packages include your choice of three (3) DVDs, Blu-rays, or USB flashdrive. Additional charges are listed below the package section.


Optional charges:

Afterglow supplying an interviewer for the Snapshot package or Spotlight package – $200, Additional interview time – $150 per hour, Additional photo/document scanning - $50 per 10 images, Additional DVD/Blu-ray discs/flashdrives – $25 each, For interviews more than 65 miles outside of the Mount Pleasant area, a minimum $50 travel fee will be assessed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there standard questions you recommend asking during the interview?
A: We want your video to be your own – truly unique – so you will know best what questions to ask your loved one. It may be helpful to brainstorm with your family about key topics you want to capture in the video.

That being said, we can gladly help you uncover those questions that will make for a good video. Some topics to consider are:

Stages of life such as early childhood, school years, or working years

  • Significant relationships such as parents, grandparents, spouse, and children

  • Major milestones, such as a first job or a move

  • Important experiences

  • Interests and hobbies

  • Lessons learned and personal philosophies

Here are a few typical conversation starters to help get you started:

  • What is the earliest memory you can recall?

  • Tell me about a time where your values were challenged.

  • What is the biggest difference between today and when you were growing up?

  • Share with me how you met grandpa/grandma?

Q: So, I'll be doing the interview then?
A: Yes, it is usually best if you (or another family member) conduct the interview, as people typically open up more to their own family members than to strangers.

However, if you would rather not have a family member conduct the interview, one of our skilled interviewers can provide that service.

Either way, we will work hard to see that all the technical details of cameras, audio devices, and lighting equipment are running at optimal levels during the interview.

Q: I’m going to conduct the interview – how should I prepare?
A: We suggest investing more time in mental preparation than physical preparation. In order to get the most natural interview possible, don’t share your questions in advance with the family member being interviewed. Instead, ask them ahead of time to think about key portions of their life story they wish to pass along to future generations.

While we certainly encourage your family member to look his/her best, the content of the stories is what you’ll remember years down the road.

 Q: What if my family member talks about things they later want removed from the video?
A: No worries – just let us know after the shoot and we can make sure it’s not part of the final presentation. This is their legacy after all and we want to provide you with a video you’ll be proud to show for a long time.

Q: What about photographs? Can we include those into the video somehow?
A: Absolutely. Photographs and other items such as newspaper clippings, hand-made items, medals, etc., supplement a Legacy Video very well. We collect photos when we film your video and return them shortly after we have scanned them. Other items can be filmed on location.

Q: My family member has a hobby (like woodworking, quilting, fixing up old cars, etc.). Is there a way we can add that into the video?
A: Of course! Anything that your family member likes doing, we'd like to include. Those things add a great personal touch and make your video unique. If there is something that we can highlight, we will work that into the location selection and film it on the day of the interview.

Q: How is the video given to me? How many copies do I receive?
A: The high-definition video is presented to you on customized DVD/Blu-ray discs or a flash drive – whichever format you prefer. Up to three DVD/Blu-ray discs are included in the package, but additional copies can be purchased.

Q: What if I lose my video over the next couple of years? Can I get another copy from you?
A: Yes, we back up all final presentations to a cloud server to ensure these Legacy Video can last long into the future.

Q: After filming, how long does it take to receive my video?
A: While every video is unique, we try to provide the final video within 2-4 weeks after filming.

Q: Can I give a Legacy Note Video as a gift? 
A: A Legacy Video makes a wonderfully unique gift! What better way to celebrate an anniversary, retirement, reunion, birthday, or even a birth. Share the cost across several family members and give your loved one a gift they won’t forget. We will even provide you with a certificate to help you present your gift.

Other questions? Send us a message by clicking on the ‘contact’ tab above. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and help you document your loved one’s lasting legacy.